Five Areas You Shouldn’t Forget While Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

At the first sign of spring, we do anything we can to push winter out the door. For most homeowners, this often means spring cleaning. After months of being closed up without fresh air, it’s best to take advantage of the warm weather to refresh and declutter your home. With so many nooks and crannies to cover in every room, it’s easy to overlook some of the more obvious places exposed to dirt and germs. Here are five spots in your home that you shouldn’t forget during you’respring cleaning.

1. Windows

It’s a good idea to clean your windows before anything else. This allows the fresh spring breeze to blow throughout your home as you tend to other areas.

Start inside the window and work your way out. Use a vacuum to clean the window track, sucking up anything that’s made its way in from outside. Make sure to do this from bottom to top, ensuring that you’ve covered the window’s seals. Next, wipe the glass with a streak-free cleaner and a microfiber towel or squeegee on the interior and exterior panels. Inside, dust the window trim and blinds, followed by laundering or vacuuming the curtains. On the outside, use a power washer to remove grime from the shutters.

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2. Walls & Doors

You look at the walls and doors of your home every day, which makes them easy to overlook during a cleaning spree. Chances are, cobwebs are lingeringhigh in the corners and there are dirty scuffmarks dotted up and down the doors.

Use a vacuum hose to clear those hard-to-reach places of any webs, plus whatever managed to get entangled in the sticky mess. Sweeping a broom across the wall also works, but beware of any remnants falling to the floor.

In order to remove scuffmarks, you’ll want to use a tool that’s mildly abrasive, yet gentle on paint. A damp sponge or an all-purpose cleaning eraser aregood options. Dampen either with warm water and add a little elbow grease. The marks should come right off.

3. Closets

Since they’re behind closed doors, closets are usually out of sight and out of mind. However, there’s no better time to spring clean your closets than when you’re making room for those winter coats.

First, take time to de-clutter and purge anything you don’t need. Determine if items should be donated or thrown away. This includes things like children’s’ clothes that are too small, linens that you no longer use, or old cleaning products that are outdated.

Next, give the closet a thorough cleaning. Apply the same principle from above to wipe down the walls and doors. If you’re cleaning out an entry closet beside the front door, you’ll want to pay special attention to the floors. Leaves or other outdoor debris may have blown in.

4. Pet Areas

We consider pets as another member of the family. But like anyone else in the house, they leave behind messes that have to be cleaned. If there are areas your pet frequents, be it the couch, your bed, or a pillow on the floor, it’s important to tidy them frequently to eliminate pet fur, dander, and dirt.

Pet toys, bowls, and bedding are the main culprits for hiding unwanted smells or allergens. First, sort through your pet’s belongings to determine if they are worth keeping. Throw away toys that are on their last leg or bones that have been become too small and pose a safety hazard.

Next, sanitize food and water dishes by washing them with soap and hot water or running them through the dishwasher. Don’t forget to clean the floor underneath the bowls to get rid of crumbs or water spots left behind.

Lastly, don’t neglect your furry friend’s favorite napping spot. Depending on the surface, your best options are to wash or vacuum the bedding to diffuse and deodorize any smells and get rid of shed hair.

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5. Air Vents

They’re up high or they’re down low. Either way, we don’t think about the dust that they pass throughout our house. Before kicking on your air conditioning for the season, it’s a good idea to clean your air vents.

If you’re looking for an easy way to clean the grate, remove it from the ceiling or the floor and place it in the dishwasher. While the cycle is running, stick your vacuum hose into the ductwork to remove as much dust as possible. Also, check your air filter to ensure that you’re circulating clean air.

Your spring cleaning efforts should focus on areas of your home that need refreshed after months of winter wear and tear. However, don’t forget some of the more obvious spaces that you use every day.