Above Ground Pool Decks

One of the essential pool additions to your backyard swimming pool project is the above ground pool deck. It will offer you an easy way of getting in or out of your swimming pool and an additional lounge as you supervise the children. The deck plan might be a standalone deck or an attachment to your house entrance.


Note that this deck can help to reduce tracking grass and mud into the swimming pool and home. It can be helpful to your structural integrity of the swimming pool and will withstand any stress the children will inflict to it.

Some of the popular above the ground decks include:

Splash decks: It creates a decking border around the swimming pool. Though its width varies, most people prefer 3 feet. It allows you to enter and exit your swimming pool from any side, but it doesn’t create a big lounge. Besides, you cannot connect it to your house.

Side decks: It creates a big lounge in one side of the pool. Therefore, if you are intend to have a bigger lounge near your swimming pool, this type of deck could be a good choice.

Splash and side combination: As the name suggests, you can combine the splash and side decks in one swimming pool. If you opt for this type of deck, you should be ready to part with a few bucks as it is expensive.

Interlocking wood deck tiles
The interlocking wood deck tiles are a great choice if you want to install a swimming pool deck and you are not willing to spend much. When it comes to repairing the wood deck, it is simple and won’t cost you much.

Adding an above ground swimming pool deck doesn’t need to be so expensive. Follow the tips given in this article to install one.