Add to your Light Fixtures with Ceiling Medallion

A ceiling medallion can add character to your home. The beauty, elegance and classic feel that they have can transform whatever fixture attached to it. They come in many shapes and sizes as well as color. You have to be observant and aware of your home before you choose the type of medallion you are comfortable with. Here are tips in choosing what ceiling medallion you want.



Initially, ceiling medallions came in plaster and didn’t give much variety for a homeowner but as time went by metal and even plastic which translated in color and variety. Look for the one that will complement the light fixture you have at you home do not settle for something that will contrast with your lighting in a bad way.

The type of fixture

There are two types of medallions: for chandelier and ceiling fans. Before you buy, a ceiling medallion you should know what you want it to go with. You cannot have a medallion meant for a ceiling fan go with a chandelier and vice versa.


Apart from the material you should know the sizes that are available and which is best for your home. Your home may be too small and you end up with a big medallion which will not flatter your home, or the medallion might be too small to be noticed in your huge room. Various sizes fit different homes.


This is the best part as it is very easy to fix and it does not require a professional. You can fix it by yourself at with the help of an adhesive. You can even install it where you already have a fixture, but that will be dealt with in another article.