5 Key Things to Remember When Installing Metal Gutter Brackets

Gutter brackets are support clips that support the gutter during installation. Before installing gutters, brackets are fixed in intervals at specific locations on the fascia board as well as along the walls so that the gutter can stay in place. Before you install metal gutter brackets you have to be aware of these five things:


1. Cost of the gutter

Metal gutter brackets come in different forms such as steel, aluminum of it could or galvanized. Type of material that the bracket is made of will determine the price of the brackets. Steel, though lasts long are very expensive. Other materials cost less and provide better support for gutters.

2. Type of Bracket

Brackets come in many designs depending on your need. In this case, metal gutters can be:

• Spike and ferule
• Hidden brackets
• Quick screw is hidden bracket
• Half round brackets

The brackets listed above determine the type of the gutter that can be fitted to the house.

3. The type of gutter

Gutters come in different sizes and materials. Metal gutters and plastic ones can be easily secured using metal brackets such as the half round brackets. Gutters come in different colors, sizes, and prices. To choose the right brackets means to find one that compliments the gutter.

4. Gutter bracket spacing

The brackets are to be spaced in a way that ensures the gutter is in a slanting position to allow smooth drainage. Also, the intervals should be measured in a way that the weight of the gutter will not overpower the brackets.

5. The gauge of the metal bracket

Gauge is related to the strength. In many cases, the heaviest gauge is the best so unless there is a specific limit set for the type of bracket to be installed it is advisable to go as heavy as possible.